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What are your rights as a tenant if you have mould?

A TikTok user has gone viral after sharing videos of her mould-infested flat.  

Bea Elton (@CleanWithBea) spent the last few months deep-cleaning, repairing and replacing the flooring in her flat to make it livable for herself, and a potential new flatmate.

Elton said: “I got catfished so badly with this property because when we first moved in, it looked pretty clean on the surface.

“All the pipes were blocked, the floorboards were rotten, there were fly and mouse infestations and the whole property has been badly built with little to no ventilation, so mould grows rapidly.

“I’ve reached out to the landlord multiple times asking for help, but after months of ignoring me, he finally replied saying that it’s out of his hands and it’s all my responsibility.” 

Elton has assured her viewers that she is currently seeking legal advice and plans to declare all her expenses spent on cleaning products and items replaced to her landlord. 

Humble abode

Damp and mould are usually caused in buildings with structural problems or faulty installations.

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure that the properties they let out are safe and suitable for tenants to live in. 

This includes taking care of serious hazards, such as damp, mould, or any kind of infestation. 

Upon being contacted, landlords are expected to act urgently and identify and tackle the problem as soon as possible. 

Legal eagle

At Kingswell Watts, we specialise in tenant and landlord disputes. 

Our qualified solicitors can help guide you through the process and help you get the action/results you deserve. 

For more information or legal advice, contact us our team on 01924 461 236 or email

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