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Lasting power of attorney (LPA)

It is never too soon to arrange an LPA .

Contact us today and get a free quote. 

What is an LPA?

An LPA gives anyone over 18 years of age the ability to appoint a trusted individual to make decisions regarding their physical welfare and finances, in the event of their mental capacity failing.


Our solicitors can provide advice on all manner of private legal issues regarding an LPA.

Our private client services

There are many instances when you wish to give someone the authority to deal with your assets. Having an LPA will make this process much easier. 

You can trust us to offer sound advice regarding all your financial decisions. Our solicitors will explain all the possible implications before you sign anything.


We ensure that all the paper work is filled out correctly. In case you become physically incapacitated, you can also trust us to make sure that all your wishes are carried out as per your instructions.


Our range of services includes living wills, health care powers of attorney, last will and testaments, and property powers of attorney.


You can rest assured that all your financial affairs will be handled with professionalism.

Our private client team is:

Jonathan Lloyd: private client solicitor

Ammarah Aslam: solicitor

Danyal Abubaker: trainee solicitor


Our prices

Lasting power of attorney costs

Single person- property and finance: 

£550 + 20% VAT

Single person- property, finance, health and welfare: 

£650 + 20% VAT

Couple- property and finance:  

£650 + 20% VAT

Couple- property, finance, health and welfare: 

£750 + 20% VAT

Office of the Public Guardian registration fee: 

£82 per power

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