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Business immigration

If you are in need of business immigration services, we can help. 

Our immigration law services

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to immigration matters.


Our business immigration services include visa appeals and applications, Home office applications, work permit applications and deportation appeals.

Our business immigration team is:

Asif Abubaker: managing director

Bashir A. Khalifa: partner/solicitor

M. Saeed Adam: partner/solicitor


Below are our average fee projections for some of the most popular application types.
These costs are determined using our hourly rates, which change based on the experience of the lawyer conducting the work in question.

At the beginning of any matter, you will always be informed about the individuals working on your case and how it may affect the cost estimate.

Please take note that, unless otherwise specified, our fees shown below do not include 20% VAT.


However, depending on where you live and/or the type of immigration permission you have, you might be subject to paying VAT in respect to immigration problems. 

When you instruct us, we will let you know if VAT (at a rate of 20%) is payable.

Out of country application
Spouse Application    £750
Dependent    £400
Right of Abode    £400
Passport – Overseas    £750
Nationality – Overseas    £750
Visitor Visa    £1

In country application
FLR (M)    £625 
Additional Dependents    £400
Further leave to remain    £625 
Settlement     £625 
Fee Waiver    £400
EUSS Application    £250 - £750
Long Residence    £625 
Change of conditions – NRPF    £500
NTL Card    £300 
Travel Document     £400
Nationality Application     £500 


Visitor application – declaration    £100
Power of Attorney    £100
Change of Name Deed    £80


Points Based System / Skilled Worker 
Sponsor License    £1250 
Skilled Worker (Including CoS)    £1250 
Skilled Worker Dependent     £350
Individual CoS Request/Assign    £500
Skilled Worker Extension    £750
Skilled Worker Extension Dependent    £400
Settlement    £750
Settlement - Dependent    £400


In and Out of Country    £1500 plus Barristers fees (£500 - £1000)

Bail (including the 1st Hearing)    £1000

Asylum    £1,500 – £2,500

Disbursements (not accounted for above)
Disbursements are expenses that must be paid to third parties, notably visa fees. The fees listed do not include any Home Office or formal application submission fees. Depending on the kind of application you are making, these can vary.


Key stages of the process and what our fees include
The ranges of fees set out above cover all work in relation to the following key stages of your immigration application:

1.    Before we begin working, we will consult with you to gather information, get your instructions, and present a thorough plan for your approval.

2.    Whilst working on an application, we offer strategic guidance and take important client papers into account.

3.    We will work with you to put together the substantive application or request, supporting materials, and our supplemental legal arguments (if necessary).

4.    We will carry out the necessary filing procedures and submit the application or request on your behalf. Where an appointment must be made in person, we will give instructions.

5.    While we wait for a decision, we stay in touch and keep you updated.

A relatively simple case may take up to six months, whereas a more complicated case could take up to nine or twelve months to be decided.

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