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Residential conveyancing

Are you looking to buy or sell a house or flat?

 We can help to remove the stress and hassle.

Our conveyancing services

Conveyancing is the legal work involved with the buying, selling, re-mortgaging and transferring ownership of any property.


Our team of experts can offer sound legal advice to guide you through all the necessary processes. 


We offer all of our clients a free initial consultation for our conveyancing law services and other legal services.

Our residential conveyancing services include, buying or selling your home/investment property, leases and tenancy agreements, council house purchases, shared equity and right to buy.

Our residential conveyancing team is:

Asif Abubaker: managing director

Bashir A. Khalifa: partner/solicitor

M. Saeed Adam: partner/solicitor

Deepak Prasad: private client solicitor

Anam Sardar: solicitor

We also offer comprehensive commercial conveyancing services.

Key stages of the process

The buying and selling process involves many stages. 


We will always start by taking your detailed instructions, and advise on the best way forward.

For more information about the sale/purchase processes, please click the following links:

Purchase process

Sale process


A standard freehold sale/purchase will take approximately 6-8 weeks.

This may change depending on the level of complexity of the matter and whether there is a chain of buyers and sellers involved. 


Our prices

Please note: these prices are for typical house sales and purchases.


If the property, ownership structure or transactions is more complex, or requires special provisions (e.g. home visits), the price will be charged accordingly.

Any complexities will be explained by your solicitor before we add any additional charges.


House value up to £350k: 

£685 + 20% VAT and disbursements

House value over £350k: 

0.2% of purchase price + 20% VAT and disbursements


House value up to £350k

£630 + 20% VAT and disbursements

House value over £350k:

0.2% of sale price + 20% VAT and disbursements



Land Registry fee: 

dependent upon case

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT): 

dependent upon case


TT fee:

£30 + 20% VAT

Lender panel fee: 

£15 + 20% VAT

Land Registry search: 


Land charges search:

£2 per name 

Land Registry Office copy: 

£3 per document

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