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Support for pregnant asylum seekers

The Home Office has announced increased payments for pregnant asylum seekers, as part of the Department of Health and Social Care’s ‘Healthy Start’ scheme. 

To keep up with the inflation rate, weekly payments have been increased, with additional payments being given to pregnant mothers and very young children.

Cash support is now currently £49.18 weekly for each person living in a household. For those living in full-board accommodation, the amount is £8.86 weekly.

The additional payments are as follows: £5.25 weekly for pregnant women, £9.50 weekly

for babies under one and £5.25 weekly. for children aged 1-3.

Making ends meet

Government research has shown that low-income families, including asylum seekers, are more heavily impacted by the rising cost of food and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Many asylum seekers do not have the option of reducing other spending to cover the costs of nutritious food, meaning they run the risk of health problems in the future. 

However, these financial payments aim to help make healthy eating accessible to all. 

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