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Paying for care home fees

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Selling a home may not be necessary if you, or a family member has to go into a care home.

Individuals who need to go into specialist care will be assessed by their local council. They will assess the value of all your assets, such as your house, bank accounts, savings and other forms of income.

If the overall value is less than £23,250, then you are entitled to financial assistance from the local council. However, if the value exceeds this amount, or if you own your own home, then you will need to pay for your own care home fees.

In some cases, your home will not be considered in the financial assessment. This is only if you are moving to a care home temporarily, or if you have a partner/another dependent living in the home with you.

Financial support via NHS funding, charities, loans and payment plans is available to help with the cost of care home fees. This may include the equity in your home.

For more information about care home fees, please contact the private client team at Kingswell Watts on 01924 461 236, or email

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